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Información del Libro 'Libro Magia Sexualis (pdf) de Urban Hugh B '

Libro Magia Sexualis (pdf) de Urban Hugh B

Enviado por QuedeLibros el 2012-09-13 00:00:00

Resena: Magia Sexualis: Sex, Magic, and Liberation in Modern Western Esotericism
This book looks at sex attitudes and practices in Western esoteric traditions, yoga, and aspects of tantra. Urban highlights and intermingles the issues of sex magic, liberation and transgression. The concept of sex magic he uses involves making a magical wish at the moment of climax in order to effect change in the external reality. Urban traces modern sex magic from Paschal Randolph (1825-1875) through Aleister Crowley, various occult groups, to neo-pagans and chaos magic. He notes that a number of practitioners were decidedly misogynist: Crowley, Theodor Reuss, Julius Evola and satanist Anton LaVey. Despite Randolph's high claims for sex magic, it did not help him. He had a severe accident, became alcoholic and suspicious that his wife was unfaithful, and at the age of 49 shot himself or was murdered. Urban concludes that late capitalism has made a fetish of sex, endowing it with mystical or magical qualities. He refers to Herbert Marcuse's concept of "repressive desublimation," whereby, under the promise of liberation of eros, people are enslaved to the consumer culture. Urban hopes that "a more equal, fair and free society" will restore a "magical" quality to sex. Sex magic is based on the idea that the moment of climax has great power. This key issue is not discussed by Urban. Especially for the male, the climax means a loss of vital energy, disorientation and powerlessness. It is called la petite mort for a reason. There is no hard evidence in the book that sex magic actually works. Life is not that simple.

Idioma: INGLES
Categoría: Mística y Esoterismo,

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