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Información del Libro 'Beautiful stranger de Christina Lauren'

Beautiful stranger de Christina Lauren

Enviado por ComparteLibros el 2013-05-25 03:09:05

When Ryan Media Group opens a new office in New York, numbers whiz Sara Dillon happily accepts the position of Director of Finance. On her first weekend in her new town, Sara has wild - and very public - sex with a gorgeous stranger on a balcony overlooking Chloe Mills' raucous engagement party. Sara assumes the tryst was a one-time thing, but when her mysterious lover sends her the steamy phone video he took of their encounter, she realizes he might have unearthed a side of her she'd never let herself explore. Unfortunately, an affair with Max Stella, Wall Street's newly-imported golden boy, could be very, very bad for her new career. Max has a legendary appetite for casual sex, but the kindred kink he finds in Sara is hard to brush off. Soon the formerly-irresistible investment banker finds himself pursuing a woman who seems to want very little to do with him outside of their playful and creative exhibitionism. They have only three rules: keep it casual, keep it private, and no faces. That is until Max convinces Sara to come with him to a club that opens a new world for them, and their sex-only relationship grows decidedly more intimate. But while on a business trip, Max loses his phone and international tabloids pounce all over the leaked pictures. Sara is terrified ...and irate. Her relationship with Max could be seen as a direct conflict of interest with her beloved job. Now the entire world will see them in flagrante delicto all over the city, just because Max couldn't take the time to delete the pictures. To make matters worse, despite the recent shift in their relationship, Max only seems to have kept pictures of her naked body: there are no pictures of her face anywhere. Instead, there are pictures of a beautiful mystery woman. Sara can only be angry at herself for trusting such a famous playboy. But when her close friend Chloe insists she attend a fundraiser at Max's posh penthouse, Sara realizes she may have been very wrong about her beautiful stranger after all.

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